From Beginning to End, Liam Smith Football Career: Senior Season Over?

By Daniel XU


 Liam Smith, the co-captain of the Pinewood football team, made aggressive and mind-breaking plays in the football game against Crystal Springs Upland. His 47-yard rush and touchdown made fans wonder, where and when did Smith start?

  “ I had never played tackle football before so I spent the summer and most of that season just really learning the game” remarked Smith. 

As a freshman, Smith was able to quickly learn the game and got better every single year. His dedication to football and his phenomenal performance in his sophomore and junior year earned him the title of team co-captain. Even though he gained an immense amount of recognition for his abilities, Smith explained, 

   “The only natural talent that I’d say that I have is speed. I’ve always been quick with my feet, but everything else I learned [was] by practicing constantly.”

His ongoing commitment to football allowed him to become one of the most valued players on the team, even without a muscular and large build. Sadly, during the Pinewood vs. Crystal Springs Upland game, Smith sustained a serious injury. 

     “I did a jump cut to juke one guy but as soon as I finished that move a different defender had already wrapped me up and was driving me into the ground. During the tackle, I hit the ground with my shoulder and the defender’s entire body weight was on top of me. The second I hit the ground I heard three cracks.” 

     Under the adrenaline at the time, Smith did not feel any pain, but after a few suspenseful seconds, he felt the worst pain he could have ever imagined. 

   “The only thing I was thinking while I was on the ground was just ‘My senior season is over,” said Smith.

     According to Smith, this might be his last football game during his senior year, and his advice to other football players? “There is no feeling better than playing on a football team especially at Pinewood. Football teaches you hard work, discipline, and teamwork. All that and football is an incredibly fun sport to play.” After two years of devotion to football, Smith may say his farewells to the Pinewood football. 23 team and inspire other football fans to try and experience this sport.