From Ball Tag to The Big Leagues




   This year’s seventh graders made the big leap from the kings of Middle Campus to the babies of Upper Campus. This may seem like a scary change—new schedule, bigger campus, older kids, harder academics—but students are coping well with the switch.

   Faculty members have helped ease the transition of seventh graders into their new home.

  “I help by getting the kids their lockers and combinations before the first day so they have a chance to try them out and not feel as nervous. As a teacher, I usually spend the first week going over rules, not just for my class, but also in general for
school conduct, trying to ease into it,” junior high science teacher and activities director Elaina Tyson said.

   While teachers do a little hand-holding, seventh graders get to experience much more independence at Upper Campus.

   “I like Upper Campus because there is so much more freedom,” seventh grader Eric Burton said.

   The larger campus allows seventh graders to roam free among older high schoolers. Many use this privilege to sprint through the halls playing familiar games from middle campus such as ball tag, much to the dismay of faculty members.

   Other changes include new classes, such as computer science and writing, and the block schedule. Along with these new classes, coursework and homework are more rigorous, but the block schedule has been very helpful in combating these difficulties.

   “With the block schedule we have more time to do homework. We also don’t have P.E. every day,” seventh grader Sam King said.

   The campus and academics are not the only things that have changed, though. The students’ new lifestyles and responsibilities are causing them to mature

   “People are changing,” seventh grader Ashton Budge said.   

   There are a lot of changes, but moving schools is a normal part of growing up. It is the start of a new stage in these young
students’ lives.

   “It’s the traditional new school, new faces, new academic lifestyle that all kids go through,” Tyson said.