Freshmen Favorites

By Lara Prakash


As this memorable school year comes to an end, the freshman class of 2022 had a chance to reflect upon their favorite aspect. Even though everyone is looking forward to summer vacation, Pinewood freshmen have had unforgettable moments during the school year.

From sporting events to class trips, each freshman will remember his or her first year of high school for a unique reason.

“Being a part of the Pinewood JV volleyball team was really fun. Since I was new to Pinewood this year, I got to meet people that were interested in volleyball who were similar to me,” said freshman Sadie Peery.

Pinewood welcomes new ninth grade students into the community by offering a wide array of sports. Being a part of a varsity or junior varsity team and competing against other schools seems to be a highlight of the school year for many students.

“The Thailand trip over Spring break was the best part of my year. I loved the service opportunities. My favorite was painting a school and teaching students how to swim,” stated freshman Kate Magliaro.

Magliaro and other freshmen who went on the Thailand adventure enjoyed giving back to an international region.

“Thailand was amazing. I loved seeing a new culture and immersing myself in it,” freshman Jesse Fioranelli said.

Magliaro and Fioranelli enjoyed the same service trip, but for different reasons. At Pinewood, each student who embarks on a journey has the opportunity to develop friendships and immerse him or herself in the culture.

“Going to the state championships with my basketball team was my favorite part of the year,” said freshman Valentina Saric. “Pinewood’s varsity girls basketball team got the opportunity to play in an NBA stadium.”

Saric enjoyed the experience of playing basketball. This is representative of values such as teamwork, which Pinewood embraces. Team members support one another, each making for a cohesive team.

“Getting Jamba Juice at lunch with my friends was great. It was something we won because of spirit points, and it is refreshing to have a treat with my fellow classmates,” freshman Emily Takara said.

Pinewood’s class of 2022 had a memorable experience. From sports events to activities around school, freshmen are looking forward to the following years and creating new memories with their peers.