Over the summer, many changes were added to the Pinewood Upper Campus.  The first improvement made was replacing the pebbles of the junior high quad with turf.

   The second improvement was the addition of new adirondack chairs in the Cue quad. These gray lounge chairs were added thanks to the graduating class of 2017, who chose them as their senior gift to the school. While choosing their gift, Pinewood alumnus Chris Burton and the class of 2017 acknowledged that something was absent from the Cue quad.

“We saw these amazing renovations and what was missing was somewhere to sit,” Burton said.


   Before the class of 2017 gave the chairs to Pinewood, students sat on the lawn itself or the concrete barriers.

   “[We wanted] a designated spot to just sit and talk,” Burton said. Sophomore Liam Smith also agreed with Burton’s idea.

   “It’s much nicer to sit on the chairs than on the ground, [and] it definitley makes the lunch period more enjoyable,” Smith said.

   Not only are the chairs a popular spot for students to have lunch, but they also provide them with an area to relax between classes and after school.

   “Pinewood can be really stressful, so it’s nice for students to have a place to wind down,” Burton said. At lunch, every chair on the quad is taken as students come together to eat with their friends.

   While students are very happy with their new gift, many also have their own ideas for future improvements that they could contribute as their parting gift to the school.

   “[I’d love a new] scoreboard on the field; it’s been having some problems lately,” Smith said.

   Burton is happy about how popular his class’s gift has become, and hopes that the popularity of senior gifts continues on for more graduating classes to come. “I am not sure what many of the other senior gifts were . . . I feel like that’s not something that’s talked about as much as it should be at Pinewood,” Burton said.