Fresh Faces



The beginning of every school year brings an influx of new freshmen with a wide diversity of talent to Pinewood, many of whom are athletes eager to begin their first high school sport season. This year, however, many of the freshmen athletes are actually returning junior high veterans. From the football field to the volleyball court, several freshmen are enjoying their experiences on a high school team, varsity and junior
varsity alike.

One of the fresh faces on Pinewood football team’s defensive line belongs to freshman Tyler Riches, an Evergreen who, after five consecutive years of playing on Pinewood’s flag football team, is excited to see what his first season of varsity football holds. Riches began the season with a lot more playing time than he expected when Pinewood blew out Crystal Springs Upland School with a final score of 76-0.

“It was fun for the freshmen because we got playing time,” Riches said about the first game of the season.

Although the freshman isn’t expecting quite as much time on the field in future games, Riches is enjoying furthering his football skills and bonding with the rest of the team.

“[All of the players] are really nice and [I feel] included,” Riches said.

Along with Riches is fellow freshman Aaron Movshovich, who played his only season of Pinewood flag football last year, and is now training with the varsity defensive line. Like Riches, Movshovich also got off to a strong start this season in the Crystal Springs game, and is excited to continue the season.

“The game went very well for us. We have another non-conference game which I think we’ll get to play in,” Movshovich said.

Another freshman who is bringing several years of experience to Pinewood’s
sports teams is freshman Annika Duan, a volleyball player who has been at Pinewood since fourth grade and is one of the new additions to the junior varsity volleyball team. Duan reflected on the transition from junior high to high
school volleyball.

“The practices and games are a lot more difficult,” Duan said. “We have a lot of new players, and [I’m working on] having better relations with
the team.”

Duan is excited to put forth her best effort this season and hopefully be able to play on the varsity level as
a sophomore.

“I have a lot of personal goals [for this season],” Duan said. “I’ve wanted to be on varsity since the beginning of junior high.”

Whether their sport is played on a field, in a gym, or on an outdoor court, all of these freshmen have different qualities to bring to their respective teams. The greatest similarity, however, is the fresh focus and hopefulness that distinguishes them from their other fellow players, brightening the entire
Pinewood community.