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   Pinewood has many popular clubs, both new and old. Many are focused on the interests of those involved, while others focus on the members involved. In the past year, Pinewood has fostered a few new clubs. NAMI at Pinewood was started last year, along with the Pinewood Animal Wellness Squad (PAWS). This year, Pinewood is introducing its Social Initiatives club, as well as a brand new club centered around the LGBTQ+ community.

  Junior Srinivas Balagopal, the president of Pinewood Social Initiatives, or “PSI”, says PSI is “focused around creating new solutions to promote educational success for outreach schools across the Bay Area.” According to Balagopal, PSI is trying to form a partnership between these outreach schools and Pinewood, so that each school can help the other grow. Principal Gabriel Lemmon is the advisor, and the club will meet every other Wednesday.

  While PSI will focus on helping other schools, senior Cecile Smith’s new club is centered around Pinewood’s students themselves. In Smith’s words, “It is going to be an LGBTQ–oriented club”. More details of the club are being decided on their upcoming first meeting, Sept. 27. Smith says that she created her club because, “the LGBTQ+ community is a very real and active thing, but I feel like at Pinewood it is shoved under the rug a little bit. My hope is that with this club, our community will be able to have more confidence and students will feel safer being themselves.”  

  This club, as well as PAWS, serve a noble purpose: helping the Pinewood community.

Senior Alexis Tanase began the club to “promote animal wellness in the Pinewood Community.”

Their catchy slogan, “It’s FUR a good PAWS” summarizes this mission. They hope to participate in many fun activities this semester, including bringing in a petting zoo for Jamboree and therapy animals around finals season. Therapy animals would help distract students from the stress of winter finals.  These clubs are certainly welcomed in the Pinewood community. Despite its relatively new presence on campus, PAWS boasts over 55 members. The clubs of Pinewood are instrumental to promoting our students’ interests, and we would not be the same

without them.

  All in all, lots of old and new clubs will make our community a better place this year.

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