COVID-19 In Depth

Free Time? We have got that covered for you

By Alexandra Roesch


Photos from Google Images

As quarantine begins to make students restless, many would even say a little stir crazy, everyone is in search of new hobbies and activities to try. 

   Some DIY craft ideas include wrapping keys in yarn to color code them, using flat-backed thumbtacks to decorate candles, using old corks to create a corkboard, and using string and binder clips to display some of your favorite memories. 

   For those who enjoy gardening, try growing an avocado pit, starting an herb garden, and growing tomatoes. People who are interested in fabric arts might consider taking up sewing, crocheting, or Japanese felting as they are all peaceful ways to pass the time. In the more hands-on crafting world, people could take all the leftover crayons from elementary school and melt them down into color block candles. Other craft ideas include making a collage, starting an art collection, and filling out a coloring book exclusively in crayon. 

   Putting together a puzzle, learning how to do a sun salutation (yoga), learning how to play sudoku, or writing a letter are calming activity ideas. Keep active by learning a new dance routine or taking on a 30-day yoga challenge. Anyone who enjoys board/card games should try the strategy and speed game called “Nerts.” Organize game shelves by favorites, playing each board game and rating it from one to ten. 

   For a greater intellectual challenge, try learning a new language on an app like “Duolingo” or “Falou”. Aspiring young chefs can try a new recipe by cracking open a cookbook that normally just collects dust on the shelf or baking a cake. Activities that will maintain sanity include deep cleaning the places/rooms/drawers that never see the light of day and looking at old photo albums. Making a schedule, even just a loose plan for everyday activities, will help keep motivation levels up.