COVID-19 Features

Looking Towards the Light

By Micaela Rodriguez Steube


Illustration by Katherine Chui

In this unsettling time of social distancing and shelter in place, we are surrounded with scary news and numbers of how many people around us have fallen ill or been affected by COVID-19. Seniors in high school and college are losing their last semesters at school. We’re barred from seeing those we love from less than six feet apart. However, good can come out of anything, and though everyone is facing their own struggles, we can all appreciate the silver linings, both in our greater communities and personal lives.

General Silver Linings:

  • The Kebab Shop, a family-owned Mediterranean restaurant, has been delivering free catering to different hospitals in California for the healthcare workers on the front lines.
  • Worldwide pollution has drastically decreased, and fish can once more be seen in the canals of Venice.
  • More time at home has reminded people of how fortunate they are for their families and homes.
  • Through Facebook, people have come together to donate masks and goodies for a package that has been sent to Ms. Phillips’s daughter, an ER nurse in Minnesota.
  • People staying home has resulted in some very happy pets.
  • In response to the overwhelming number of COVID-19 patients in Italy, Germany has sent Airbus A310, a medical military plane, to pick up ICU patients and transfer them to German hospitals.
  • The Israeli division of Medtronic, a medical instrument manufacturing company, will release its ventilator blueprints for free to help meet the demand for those devices.
  • While it is devastating for seniors to feel cheated of their second semester, having to stay home has given them the opportunity to spend a little more quality time with their families and pets before they go off to college next year.

Personal Silver Linings:

  • While we are all quarantined, my family and I are planning to make 1000 origami cranes and write the name of someone we are thankful for on each one. So far, we have almost 200 cranes.
  • My mom and I have started tutoring my cousins in English. They recently moved from Buenos Aires to Madrid, and have a hard time learning their new language. Daily Facetime tutoring has allowed us to build stronger relationships with them regardless of only seeing them once a year.
  • About a week into quarantine, my mom and I started working out together. It’s made me more productive and happy and brought us closer.
  • Every other day, my whole extended family comes together over video chat. Since most of them are in Argentina, quarantine hasn’t made us see each other less, but actually motivated us to video chat more. 
  • Our street has lots of older residents, and since it is very unsafe for them to leave their homes, they have been reaching out to us for help with groceries and such. What has resulted is a relationship that never would have formed if it weren’t for quarantine.

Though this time has been devastating and challenging for all those involved, appreciating the positives will allow us to come out of this trying time as better human beings.