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   Winter Formal is one of the few special times of the year where everyone dresses up and looks fabulous. Weeks before formal even starts, people start imagining themselves dancing under the Bay Bridge with the perfect date and great friends. However, before these dreams comes true, people have to be asked. Though the dance itself is the main part of the event, asking someone to Winter Formal is
another important and nervewracking component to the dance. Weeks before Winter Formal, students spend time thinking of who to ask and how to ask them. They then spend extra time building the props as well as the courage to ask the simple seven-word question: “Will you go to formal with me?” Although a
person may not always get the answer they hoped for, it’s always a blast for students to see how creative the asks can be. While Winter Formal may have just passed, it’s still worth looking back at the top proposals of 2015 for each grade.

   In the freshman category, there were two proposals at the top: Keenan Peery asking senior Eri Yoshimoto, and Casey Bates asking fellow freshman Drew Hill. Peery asked
Yoshimoto by surprising her downtown with a clever treasure hunt and inviting her to meet him for a nice dinner afterward. Bates, on the other hand, bought Hill a pizza, and made it
special by spelling the word “Formal” on it in

   “It was pretty cute,” freshman Sara
Bares said.

The sophomores, with a little more experience in formal asking than the freshman, generally agreed that Cole Bramlett asking
Akayla Hackson deserved the spotlight.
Dapperly dressed, Bramlett waltzed up to
Hackson with roses and a large sign that said,
“You are number 13 on the court, but number
one in my heart.”

  For the juniors, Kyle Murphy asking Sydney Stratford involved quite a lot of planning, secrecy, and excitement. To ask Stratford, Murphy ingeniously teamed up with English teacher David Wells. One morning in writing class, Wells handed out a quiz that contained only one phrase: “Sydney, will you go to formal with me?” After Murphy revealed himself to Stratford with flowers and chocolate, she
delightfully replied with a yes, especially after realizing that she did not have to take a quiz.

Ultimately, however, the senior class
definitely earned the title of “Best Asks,”
bringing into good use the expertise they’ve picked up over the last couple of years. To ask his girlfriend Camilla Cook, Wilson Fields made an entire video interviewing people on how special he was in order to persuade her to go with him to Pinewood’s formal. While Fields’ was a fun and unique proposal, Jordan Riches also used his wit to ask Jayme Sharkey to formal with one of the best proposals of this year. Right before the end of class, Riches took a fishing pole and placed its hook in front of Jayme’s classroom. After laying it down, Riches then hid around the corner and waited for Sharkey to find and start pulling on the hook. Riches then reeled her in, hollering, “Such a catch! Will you go to formal with me?”