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Village Pantry in Downtown Los Altos

   Most students probably know the Village Pantry as the weird, hole-in-the-wall place they see when on their way back to school from lunch. I always wondered what more there was to this little cafe downtown. Since I hold disdain for large corporate coffee shops like Starbucks, I was in desperate need of a smaller, family run business to give me a decently priced cup of coffee. The environment is quaint and homey. All across the walls are Christmas cards, baby announcements, valentines, and childrensí drawing. While I was skeptical at first, I was impressed by their large, reasonably priced menu and delicious cup of black coffee. If you are looking for a home away from home or a freshly cooked meal, Village Pantry is for you.

Turn in Downtown Los Altos

   If you are interested in overpriced meals and a lackluster entrees, Turn is the place to go. The new restaurant in downtown Los Altos that so many of us know as the restaurant that replaced the beloved Jamba Juice had a severely disappointing outcome. I, with high expectations Iíll admit, ordered a noodle salad only to be greeted with the most extreme allergic reaction I can remember. I didnít even get the opportunity to judge my meal since I was too busy breaking out in hives and all. Also, I would like to point out there was no mention of peanut dressing anywhere on the menu. You can rest assured that the management of Turn will be receiving some very angry e-mails.

Armadillo Willy’s on San Antonio

   Many students have probably had Armadillo Willyís on San Antonio at one point or another and if they have, they are well aware that this restaurant compares to no other when it comes to satisfying barbeque cravings. The menu consists of comforts foods that will make your stomach smile. While the meals are reasonably sized, they fill you up completely due to their richness. If you are starving and are looking for a place to satisfy your hunger, Armadillo Willyís has got your back.