In Depth


Photo taken by Annika Duan


We asked some freshmen about their hopes and dreams for this upcoming year and what they think about the Pinewood community.


“I want to challenge myself by taking difficult courses yet getting good grades in all my subjects in high school. I expect myself to have good relationships with my teachers and find my place at Pinewood.”

– Nicole Maneatis


“I am very excited but at the same time, I am pretty nervous. I am very excited about making new friends and getting to know everybody better. At the same time, I am nervous about not fitting in with many of the kids that were here before.” – Will Ahrens


“It’s a school full of great people. I’m becoming more open, and I’m not scared to talk to people. I thought [Pinewood] was going to be a really big school, but the community really makes it feel a lot smaller in a good way.” – Riya Charora


“There are so many different people with so many different characteristics that we can just all bond. We can be really diverse.” – Jaden Norwood