Finals for the Sevies


Staff Writer


  Relatable to every student is the feeling of their first final: the stress, the frenzied studying, and the relief when the entire fiasco is over. At Pinewood, finals are first given to seventh graders, instead of the traditional first round freshman final exam.

  Seventh grader Ciel Budge has had three older siblings take on the challenge before her; therefore, she has someone to help her with the process.

  “Some [tests] were more challenging than others, but it was what I expected,” Budge said.

  However, seventh grader Andrew Wen, who also has another older sibling at Pinewood, disagreed.

  “The finals were not what I expected because I thought the teachers would focus a little more on the material from the beginning of the year. Instead, they focused much more on the material we learned recently,” Wen said.

  When asked about his stress relieving strategies, seventh grader Oliver Quinn took advantage of the perks that taking the test as a seventh grader gave him: the weight of the final.

  “I told myself that it was only 10% of my grade,” Quinn said.

  Seventh grader Florencia Rodriguez-Steube used the resources that the teachers gave her so she would be mentally prepared.

  “I went to review sessions the teachers held and took plenty of breaks during studying to do something completely unrelated,” Rodriguez-Steube said.

  This year’s seventh graders took all the stress and anxiety and looked at it in a positive light. Budge said that she thought that taking the final prepared her well for high school, when the weight of the grade would really count, while Quinn said that he loved the half days and no homework.