Final Whistles Blow for Soccer



   This winter, both Pinewood soccer teams had solid seasons, with many exciting games. While these games may have been close or just may have been a blowout, the most important part of each game was each player had fun while they were playing, win or lose.

   The boys team had some new faces and returning faces. Some new faces were freshmen Vikram Bharati and Vineet Belur, as well as sophomore Matthew Marsland. These new faces contributed in the team’s victories, and had a great time doing so.

  “I think we did very well, and fought till the very last second of each game,”
Bharati said.

   According to Bharati, playing hard throughout the game was the key to success in every team sport. There were many key players that contributed to the success of the team, such as sophomore Bijan Kianpour and junior Matt Kuo. The team did not make
the playoffs.

   As for the girls team, they had a great season as well.

   “I think we had a great season. We had only five returning players from last year so it took us a little time to kind of get together as a team,” girls soccer coach Whitney Wood said.

   One of the most impressive games this team played was a 1-0 win in early February against Crystal Springs, the first place  team at the time. This, according to Wood, proved that they finally became one team that worked together as a whole. Juniors Jordan Berke and Olivia Biggs, and sophomore Caleigh Page, helped the team come together as they cruised to an 8-6-3 record, good enough for third place in
their division.