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Female Role Models



We would be nowhere without the strong female figures in our lives. Math teacher Anne Bertron and sophomores Cecily Eivers and Alexa Brown shared stories about their female role models.


Q: Who is your female role model? And why?

Bertron: “My female role model is my grandma Joan. She was kind, giving, patient, family-oriented and independent. She is someone that I have always looked up to and admired for her strength and perseverance with every setback that was handed to her. She loved unconditionally and always told me the truth. She was someone I could trust, always had my best interest at heart, and cared about every step I made as I grew up.”


Eivers: “My mom is definitely my female role model. She has inspired me to be the young woman I am now by teaching me many things in life such as cooking, cleaning, and overall, how to be a responsible young adult.”

Brown: “I would say my female role model would be my grandma. She is a hardworking person who treats everyone equally and loves to love – she is the best.”


Q: How has your female role model shaped you?

Bertron: “My grandma is a huge influence in who I am today. She helped me form my moral compass and was always there to put me back on track as I grew up. She taught me how to be a strong, independent woman – someone who could take care of herself and stand up for herself no matter what. She set a standard of family first, one that I hold close to my heart and work hard to keep as a number one priority each and every

day of my life.”


Eivers: “My mom has shaped me by inspiring me to do the best I can in school. I aspire to be a wonderful woman, just as she is.”


Brown: “My grandma has shaped me because she has taught me how to treat others. I wouldn’t have had the same morals without her influence.”


Q: What is your favorite memory of your female role model?

Bertron: “Right before I moved to Texas for college, my grandma called me one day and asked if she could hang out with me after work. This wasn’t something that was easy for her since she was paralyzed on one side of her body and therefore could not drive. She was concerned that since I was leaving, my focus was not in the right place. During this drive, I was reminded of the fact that she was always there for me and always caring for me.”


Eivers: “I don’t have only one in particular, but I especially love to cook with my mom and go shopping with her. She definitely gives me style and recipe recommendations, besides just helping me grow up.”


Brown: “My favorite memory would have to be when we made a cake together. It was for a middle school auction and my grandma helped me through every step. It was delicious.”


Q: Why is having a female role model important to you?

Bertron: “It is important for all women to have a female role model – for them to have someone they look up to and show them that women can be strong and follow any path they want to set for themselves. My grandma has greatly shaped each moment of my life and she will always be a part of my decision making process as I continue through life as a mother, wife, friend, and role model to other women. I am always thankful for her willingness to share with me and the ability she has to help me look closely at each step I make.”


Eivers: “It’s important to me because you always need someone to look up to in life. Looking up to my mother is great because she has always been the powerful woman by my side; every single day, she inspires me to grow as a woman like her.”


Brown: “Female role models are important to me because they show me that everyone can and should be strong. Not in the physical way but in the mental way. However, my grandma also taught me that it’s okay to not be strong sometimes – you are allowed to feel that way.”