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This article begins with a sad note. Writing teacher and journalism advisor Kim Wetzel has recently announced that she will be leaving the Pinewood family to move to Portland, OR. This decision has not come easily to Wetzel, but she knows that this was the right one to make for her family.

When asked why she decided to go through with the move, Wetzel explained that Portland offers her closer proximity to her extended family and a better standard of living.

What will Wetzel miss the most      about Pinewood?

“Absolutely everything,” she said.

Wetzel describes Pinewood as her second home for almost six years, and she has so much love for her students and colleagues. She will miss everyone but is especially sad that she will not see the sophomores and juniors, whom she has seen grow since seventh grade, graduate.

Wetzel called on her years of making this very newspaper as what she will miss most.

“I’m really going to miss doing the journalism program. It was the hardest for me to tell the students in journalism that I was leaving,” she said.

Despite the sadness that comes with leaving Pinewood, Wetzel is extremely excited to move to Portland and start her new life.

“We bought a house! We bought it a while ago and have already begun furnishing it. I’ll be a first-time homeowner so that’s super exciting. I’m also excited to go hiking and explore more of the great outdoors,” Wetzel said.

Part of the decision to move to Portland for Wetzel involved discovering a “new” old, since both she and her husband grew up in the city, and Wetzel lived there until the age of 25.

As for the possibility of continuing her teaching career, Wetzel is continuing to look for opportunities in Portland, but since there are a smaller amount of teaching jobs open there, it has been more difficult to secure one. She may work as a freelance writer or in communications instead.

Wetzel will surely be missed by the Pinewood community, and we all wish her the best as she moves on to the next chapter in her life.