Falling for the October Trips: Ashland



  Twenty-three Pinewood juniors and seniors traveled to Ashland, Oregon, a hub of Shakespearean culture from Friday Oct. 24 to Monday Oct. 27.

    Over the weekend, the students saw a variety of different plays and participated in other group activities, such as a group afternoon hike to Lithia Park and free time to explore the quaint town of Ashland. The students and teachers saw Comedy of Errors, Water by the Spoonful, and
  The Tempest and took part in a discussion with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

   “My favorite part is getting to experience theater as its supposed to be experienced, which is a fun, sort of communal experience where we are not teachers and students but just people enjoying theater,” English teacher and chaperone Hannah Jones said.   

      “It’s a beautiful town with an amazing and unique theatre culture, and I especially loved Water by the Spoonful,” senior Ben Montrym said. The recipient of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Quiara Alegrie Hudes’ Water by the Spoonful is a dramatic play about an Iraq War veteran’s search for life’s meaning after
returning from war.

   Overall, the students enjoyed the town’s unique culture and the company of their Pinewood classmates and teachers.

   “It was a really fun group of people, and we all had a great time,” junior Clara Daines said.