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Don’t “Wine,” Look at Art



The sun shines across Castro Street, highlighting the crowds of people rushing to explore the various booths of food, art, and wellness products. The Mountain View Art and Wine Festival begins with many people from near and far coming to participate in the festivities. From Sept. 9-10, this festival goes on with all kinds of booths lined down the street, including musical performances and games for children as well. A Mountain View High School student even performed with a guitar on the street.

It is known as one of the best festivals in the South Bay and is worth making the trip. There are so many different sections that people can stroll through including booths filled with art like paintings, photographs, vintage posters, and sculptures. There are also booths exhibiting different ethnic foods, gadgets, health and wellness displays, unique plants, and so much more. The children’s section showcases many games and even a bouncy house for them to play in; the festival truly caters to every interest. People flock from all over the Bay Area to experience the great food and music and find some hidden gems that people may be selling in their booths.

I had never been to this festival before, and I particularly enjoyed the succulents, balsamic vinaigrette, and wooden tool booths. The more distinctive booths especially drew my attention right as I walked past.

A man running one wooden tool booth sold rolling pins, bottle openers, and other unique gadgets. “[The festival is] busy, [with] a lot of potential customers,” he said. His company makes the tools by hand in San Francisco, which is astounding, considering how much time and consideration must go into each gadget.

A balsamic vinaigrette booth proved to be an interesting, long-time spectacle at the festival. The kind, middle-aged lady running the booth had “been attending the Mountain View Art and Wine Festival for approximately 10 years,” and she had encountered “about 40 different versions between vinegars, vinaigrettes, and oils.”

They had a variety of new flavors that piqued my interest and seemed to be widely enjoyed by others at the festival. Finding items like the vinaigrettes and homemade rolling pins was a fun and different experience, and I highly recommend marking the Mountain View Art and Wine Festival on your calendars for 2018.