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Don’t Miss the Raffle



   Have you ever stayed up really late doing homework and longed for a pass? Or been starving but had to wait forever in the lunch line? Well, the Associated Student Body has teamed up with the teachers to make life a little easier for students.

   This year, the ASB is starting a teacher raffle as a fundraiser for school dances.
   According to ASB spirit representative Madeline Wheatley, the money will go specifically toward the prom and the winter formal budget to lower their costs. If it is a success, it will be held
next semester as well.

   “I think that this would be a great thing to do consistently every year, because […] the prizes are really fun,” Wheatley said.

   The raffle will tentatively take place on Oct. 9, but tickets will be available for
students to buy beginning Oct. 5.

   Tickets will be priced depending on the prizes – $1 for most items and
$5 for the bigger ones such as a winter formal ticket.

   There will be a wide variety of prizes being offered as they are coming from both the teachers and the ASB.

   The ASB will be raffling prizes such as
tickets for the winter formal, morning announcements for one week, skipping the lunch line, and an ASB car wash. Meanwhile, teachers will be offering homework passes, tardy passes, and
homemade goodies.

   “It was my idea. I’ve been trying to constantly create a feeling of goodwill between teachers and students and I thought this would help,” activities director Jackee
Bruno said.

   The raffle is welcomed by teachers too. Computers teacher and raffler extraordinaire Phil Ribaudo hopes that his legendary luck with raffle prizes will still hold for
this new event.

   “Since my car is a disaster inside and out, I’ll be shooting for the car wash,”
Ribaudo said.