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Making gifts and decorations is a great way to get into the spirit of the holidays. There are many things that are easy to create and make a big impact! Who wouldn’t like to receive a hot chocolate kit in the shape of a snowman? Doesn’t everyone love an Advent calendar? Gifts that are made instead of purchased are even more special. Ornaments for the tree are another big hit. My mother always says homemade ones are her favorite.

To make a snowman hot chocolate kit, you will need three small mason jars, black felt, a red ribbon, black and orange paint, glue, hot chocolate mix, miniature marshmallows, and peppermint candies. Fill one mason jar with mini marshmallows, one jar with hot chocolate mix and one jar with peppermint candies. Next, glue the three jars stacked on top of each other. Put the marshmallow jar on top, hot chocolate mix jar in the middle, and the peppermint candies on the bottom. Tie the ribbon around the “neck” and use the black felt to make a hat. Paint two eyes, a smile, and two buttons on the jars in black paint and use the orange paint to make a nose.

We all love to count down the days to Christmas. A DIY Advent calendar adds to the excitement. For this project, you will need several empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, tissue paper, glue, holiday wrapping paper, a ribbon, and a marker. Start by cutting your rolls into 25 cylinders of various heights. Next, use the tissue paper to cover one end of each segment and glue in place. Then put a treat in each roll (e.g. candy, erasers, stickers, etc.) and seal the other end with additional tissue paper. Use the holiday wrapping paper to decorate each roll and glue in place. Then glue the rolls together in rows of five. Finally, gently write the numbers one through 25 on the rolls. Tie a ribbon around the arrangement so that you can hang your creation up.

Homemade ornaments make a meaningful addition to every tree. The materials you will need for pinecone ornaments are pinecones, plain and festive ribbons, a glue gun, wooden beads, and berry picks. Start by gluing a bead to the top of the pinecone. Next, tie a plain ribbon through the bead and tie in a knot to hang on the tree. Then use a festive ribbon to tie a bow and glue it on the top of the pinecone. Now, you need to snip apart the berry pick and glue the berries around the bow and top of the ornament. You have now successfully decorated a festive pinecone ornament to hang on your tree!

Be creative this holiday season and take the time to make some fabulous homemade holiday gifts and decorations for your family and friends. Your friends will love a homemade snowman hot chocolate kit, your siblings will be excited for an advent calendar, and your parents will love unique ornaments for your Christmas tree.