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Finding a Halloween costume can be a challenge. Here are some simple ideas that you can do with most household materials.

One simple, cute Halloween costume is a bumble bee. All you will need are black pants and a black and yellow striped shirt. If you don’t have one, you could use a black shirt that you already have and lay parallel yellow strips of duct tape down the length of the shirt.

A pair of black sneakers and some antennae will complete the look. You can make simple antennae with a black headband, black pipe cleaners, and black pom-poms. Tie the pipe cleaners around the pom-poms, and then around the headband.

Another easy, homemade look is a black cat, which also repurposes a black shirt, black pants, and black shoes. Homemade cat ears add flair to the look.

You can make these with a black headband and some black felt. Put some black face paint on to make a black nose and some whiskers. Don’t forget to pin on a tail. You can use a long black soccer sock with some stuffing in it.

You can also be an angel for Halloween by wearing a white dress and some white shoes. Next, make or buy a white halo.

If you make it, you will need a headband, white or gold pipe cleaners, and a white feather boa. Secure the boa to your headband using pipe cleaners, spiraling them around both materials. An optional addition to your costume is a pair of wings.

These can also be made at home or bought at a costume store. To make wings, cut out about 16 crescent-moon shapes from white paper plates and attach eight to each side of a full white plate.  A gold ribbon tied around the waist is a nice final touch.

For all you procrastinators, trying your hand at some of these D.I.Y., cost-effective costumes are the perfect way to celebrate Halloween in fashion.