In Depth

Different Roles that Families Play

By Michael Shtrom


It is often said that, from birth, one is bound to their family. This is mostly true, especially for Pinewood students. Students’ families are known to be their top priorities; providing valuable guidance, and assisting Pinewood students as they navigate their lives in their teenage years. One of the ways that parents help their children is through filling a vital and substantial role in their education. 

The roles that family members take vary wildly depending on the grade in which their student is in. These differences are best exemplified in students like seniors Ryder Heit and Peirong Li as well as eight grader Makena Matula. 

Heit, Li, and Matula pinpointed the exact role that their families take in their education.

“My family… set[s everything] up so that I have all the tools I need to get good grades and to be successful in school,” Matula said.

“They teach me how to self motivate myself and how to be responsible and I realized that I had to be more responsible and mature,” Heit said.

Members of junior high and high school alike agree on the effect that a student’s grades, visible every weekend on Veracross, have on the assistance that their families provide in their education.

“They help [me] more because [they] can see my grades and say [that] I need to do better in this subject.” Matula said.

“My family really likes to stay updated with my grades.” Heit said. “They don’t really care as much this year because I’ve began to self motivate myself, but, in sophomore year, every weekend we would basically come upstairs and have a talk about my performance.” Heit said.

Aside from normal classes, seniors also undertake the tedious process of applying for the colleges where they will receive the remainder of their education. This can be a lengthy process and seniors’ families are known to intervene.

“My family is very involved with my college application process. They basically have a say in everything I write for all of my essays and I’m thankful … because it definitely puts out the best product.” Heit said.

“My parents are always tracking my application, asking me about my progress, and asking if I’m stuck or an application is not turned in.” Li said.

Although the families of different students take varying roles in their education, the impact that family has on Pinewood students lives is very prevalent in their day-to-day lives.