In Depth

Differences between JH and HS

By Michael Shtrom


At the beginning of every year, students vote for which fellow classmate they select to represent them in student council. Although they are thought of as separate, they do share many essential constituents.

One difference between the two student councils is their goals for the year to come. Leo Gray, who is in junior high student council, has already set his goals for the year.

“I think I am a leader and someone that the 7th grade student body can look up to.” Gray, when asked about his personal and his student council’s collective goals for the coming year. Blake Johnson, who is in ASB, interpreted my question about his goals in a way that is more interactive with students. 

“I always try to be inviting to other students, understanding and being a positive role model,” Johnson said. When asked about the probability of the achievement of their goals, both responded with confidence in their success. Another member of Junior High student council, Josephine Tu, also responded “yes,” to whether she will achieve her goals but Tu took her response even further. She said,“I’ll try to do it well, and if I don’t, people will tell me and I’ll improve.”, showing her availability to any student who comes to her with an idea.

Most importantly, every student council member across ASB and Junior High student council are in agreement on what environment student council is trying to create at Pinewood. 

“A happy environment where everyone feels safe and welcome.” That is what type of community student council is trying to create, according to Gray. Tu and Johnson agree, with the latter saying, “We’re trying to hear what the students have to say. Definitely at least listening to the students.” While most students think of ASB and Junior High student council as separate, it is interesting to put the two in each other’s context and compare them. Even though they are at times separate and at times together, they both have similarities and differences that help them make Pinewood a better place to be.