Dancing and Rollercoasters: Formal Fun


Staff Writer

   2019 started off with a change in Pinewood tradition regarding Winter Formal. For the last few decades, Pinewood’s Winter Formal was on a boat in the San Francisco Bay. The boat provided students with food, drinks, dancing, and a stunning view of the Bay Bridge’s sparkling reflection in the water.

  This year, with the help of ASB, a new location was chosen. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk provided students with a much larger dance floor, plenty of food and drinks, and best of all, a rollercoaster. This new venue was the source of a record breaking attendance of 200 people.

  For Freshman Lulu Diffenbaugh, this was her first high school Formal. Since her older sister, Ela, is a senior, Lulu has eagerly anticipated the day she could go to Formal with her friends.

  “I went this year not really knowing what to expect, but it was really fun. I got to hang out with my sister and my friends because we were all in one room for dinner. Definitely a night to remember!” Diffenbaugh said.

 Sophomore Drew Mahlmeister, a new sophomore at Pinewood, was unsure what Pinewood Formal entailed, but she also thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

 “It was so much fun. I really liked the rollercoaster because it gave me something else to do besides dance. The food was also really good!” Mahlmeister said.

  In contrast, Seniors were able to compare this new location at the Boardwalk with their previous Winter Formals on the boat. Senior Kolton Budge, had mixed emotions about Formal.

  “The boat did bring back flashbacks of memories from my prior years of Winter Formals. Also, to not have last year’s seniors at Formal was definitely a drastic change for me to get used to. However, 2019 Formal was by far the best school dance I have gone to,” Budge said.

  It is sad to move on from the memories of the boat, but new memories for students have already replaced this sadness with recent enjoyable recollections of 2019 Winter Formal.

  Although senior Trinity Copeland felt bittersweet about her last Formal at Pinewood, she said that this dance had the best spirit out thus far.

  “The change in scenery was great! So many more people came to the dance and everyone looked like they were enjoying their time. I, along with other people, thought the new location was a great change. For me, this being my last year, formal was a great note to go out on,” Copeland said.

  The ASB truly did a great job bringing students together in an experience they will remember forever. A night filled with shouting song lyrics and zooming around on The Giant Dipper, Winter Formal unified the high school. Formal was a great opportunity to step back from the stresses of student life and live in the moment.