Dance Class Is En Pointe


   So you think you can dance? If you haven’t heard, Pinewood has a new dance class this year. Meeting three days a week at 7 a.m. with Courtney Duffy, the new instructor, 22 courageous students have set off on a journey to master the basic skills of dance.

   “I’m doing dance because I’m interested in the different styles that the course offers and also because I think it’s a fun substitute to PE,” sophomore Zarin Mohsenin said.    These different genres include technique, broadway jazz, hip hop, lyrical, and ballet. Duffy hopes that these different approaches will provide student dancers with a broad
dance vocabulary.

   The student dancers are a dedicated group. They need to arrive at school an hour early to attend class, and when class is finished, they have to quickly get ready for the rest of the school day.

    “Though early in the morning, I was super excited to get this job because I love working with this age,” Duffy said, who began teaching in high school while dancing in a professional dance company.

   When she moved to California, she knew it was time for her to start a family and settle down. Pregnant, with a baby boy due next month, she currently teaches at Dance Academy USA in addition to her morning classes at Pinewood.

   “With the baby coming, I’ll take a couple weeks off and [the students] will have a substitute and she’s one of my
college dance friends. And then she will teach for five weeks or however long it takes to recover,” Duffy said.

   Though dance is early in the morning, it doesn’t seem to be impeding on school work or sleep.

   “I think this class wakes me up,” sophomore dancer
Kaelyn McCauley said.    

   To be the only girl or boy in a class can be very
uncomfortable at first, but sophomore Jordan Reece has grown into it.

   “Being a boy in the class was a little awkward at first, but everyone has been really cool about it, in and outside of dance,” Reece said.

    There were originally two boys in the class, but because of an injury, Reece is now the only one in the class.

   “If you haven’t taken dance before, its worth taking. But if you have, it is still fun to do,” McCauley said.