Cupid Strikes Again

Dearest Valentines,


My month of love is sadly ending. However, this doesn’t mean that love is not part of our daily lives. In the air and through the halls is where the love falls into our hearts. Outside of their lives at Pinewood, each teacher has their own love story of how they met their significant other.

To celebrate the month of love, I will be going around campus asking teachers about their spouse.

“When I met my husband we were set up by mutual friends who said that we were going to get married before we even knew each other,” biology teacher Monica Ventrice said. “This is super dorky, but I knew he was the one when I realized he could identify as many birds as I could.”

Your one true love could come out of nowhere and surprise you for the better.

“My husband and I will be married for eight years this coming July,” history teacher Emily Cardenas said. “No joke, we met in History Club when we were undergraduates at Santa Clara University. He was the President. Swoon!”

College Cupid in action! Joining the clubs you love will introduce you to new best friends and maybe even a soul mate. Do what you love and join the many clubs at Pinewood.

“I’ve been married for one year, one month, and 15 days. My husband, Mark, has a motorcycle, and I have a Spyder, a three-wheeler. Every Saturday and Sunday without rain, you can typically find us riding through the Santa Cruz Mountains and/or up and down the coast. Our dog, Burt, has his own motorcycle carrier, and when he goes riding with us, he enjoys sticking his head out and enjoying the breeze!”  Spanish teacher Robin Bedford said.

Being yourself and doing what you love brings you to my purpose in life: giving love. But don’t forget that love is everywhere. Love can also be between friends and family. Don’t be fooled by the idea that Valentine’s Day is about romance. It’s a day to recognize how much you appreciate the people in your life. My bonding love arrow hits friendships, families, offices, and schools.        

Friends are what keep students excited to wake up everyday and go to school. They are the ones who help you through the tough times and persevere. Everyone has a valentine. Out of the billions of humans in the world, there is someone for everyone, whether that is a best friend who has your back or a significant other that you can spend the rest of your life with.

I hope that my arrow will hit everyone’s heart with love for friends and family as well as a partner to share life experiences with.