The Summer Olympics have come and gone, and the Winter Olympics are still two years away. But until then, you could have enjoyed the thrill of the Pinewood Olympics, started in honor of the new Cue Quad: the Cue Games.
On Oct. 11, 13, and 14, two students from each grade participated in a different sporting events during lunch.
Each event also corresponded with a different spirit day where students dressed up in the colors of the flag of a certain country.
On Oct. 11, students competed to become the cornhole champions, while simultaneously dressing up in blue, yellow, and white, in honor of the the flag of Nauru.
The game ended with a victory by the juniors, followed by the seniors, sophomores, and freshmen.
Thursday, which was the dress up day for the flag of Kyrgyzstan, saw red and yellow dressed students embroiled in an intense frisbee game, where the juniors emerged victorious again, with the sophomores in second, seniors in third, and the freshmen in fourth place.
Finally, on Friday, twelve students dressed in red, white, blue, and green, the colors of the flag of Djibouti engaged in an intense game of spikeball. The seniors won, with the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen in second, third, and fourth place, respectively.
By the end of the Cue Games, the juniors emerged as the champions, with the seniors in second place, the sophomores in third, and the freshmen in fourth.
“[The goal of the Cue Games was to] incorporate the quad more into everyday Pinewood life, involve more people, bring the school closer together, and evolve the Cue Quad more,” ASB activities representative and coordinator of the Cue Games Klara Astrom said.
The Cue Games have certainly been popular, with many students either participating, watching, encouraging their classmates, or casually observing the games
In case you missed out on your opportunity to compete in or watch the Cue Games, you are in luck.
According to activities director Jackee Bruno, it is likely that the Cue Games will be making a comeback once or twice throughout the year.