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Crime Journalist Robert Salonga Visits Pinewood

By Aanya Sethi


Due to the toll that writing about crime can take on a person, Salonga emphasized the importance of taking care of yourself and knowing your limits. To keep himself motivated, Salonga reminds himself that the work he does is for a bigger cause. Writing about a murder not only spreads awareness, but  it also gives comfort to the victims family.

Journalism is dynamic industry that is an ever-evolving. Today, journalists like Salonga have to work much harder because they are competing against social media and the internet.

“Social media changed everything: how we make money, how we advertise, how we survive. But our job is to adapt,” Salonga said. 

One problem new technology has caused is the creation and spread of fake news. Now more than ever, journalists must make sure their stories are  completely true. 

“Reading the news is more of a mind field than it’s ever been,” Salonga said. 

Journalists must be able to adapt to changes in their day-to-day lives as well, especially for reporters like Salonga. 

While journalists must always plan out their stories, they must also be prepared to have their plans thrown out the window if a breaking news story comes up. However, this unpredictability ensures that a journalist is never bored. 

“I’ve never been bored, and I really  don’t know if many people can say that about their jobs,” Salonga said.