Cons of a Tech-Influenced Society

By Audrey Cutler


  You may not believe me, but there used to be a time when cell phones were non-existent. Life consisted of only seeing people face to face versus defaulting to texting, snapchatting, or facetiming. There used to be a time when people would have conversations at the dinner table about their day and life experiences instead of watching a piece of metal, anxiously waiting for the next text to appear. A time when most of the world’s information was not within reach with a push of a button.

  Last winter break, my eight year old little cousin  asked me a surprising question. She asked me what my opinion was on Trump’s recent actions toward immigrants. I was shocked. When I was eight, I was catching bugs with my older brother, Jack. I am not saying that I did not grow up with technology, because I acknowledge that. My siblings and I had a TV where we watched our favourite movies, an iPad to play Doodle Jump on, and google to answer all of our questions.

  However, in some ways, I am much different from my cousin. The difference is that I did not grow up with a constant stream of worldly news coming at me from all over the place. I did not grow up continuously judging myself to celebrities and social media stars.

  Each year, technology becomes more affluent in our communities. Younger and younger generations are learning to be reliant on the internet and social media.

 At Pinewood, each student is given an iPad. The iPad serves many purposes, including the Procreate app to create digital art, Google Docs to write papers, Notability to take notes in class, and so much more. These iPads are saving paper and helping the environment. However, what is it doing to the students?

  There are studies after studies stating that technology has made a significant impact on younger generations’ ability to focus in class. In an article called “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” The author, Nicholas Carr, explains to the reader that we form connections to the devices that we use for communication. Technology makes our lives easier; however, it come with a cost. The Pinewood Community should be aware of the C in WISCR students, meaning we are critical thinkers who will not be slaves to technology and its luring information.