When the Internet was first invented, it was not seen as a necessity. It is hard to believe that now we don’t go an entire day without checking the news or going on social media. The Internet has become a platform for people to connect and share their lives with millions of others; however, with every new invention comes backlash and criticism. Many argue that the “age of the Internet” has made younger generations worse at communication, but the Internet has also brought diverse groups of people together via platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. I can figure out that I am worth nine goats in Nigeria or stumble upon a heated political argument. Though these findings may paint a negative image of these platforms, the Internet has been a place where people can relate to others and know that they are not alone. Rising entrepreneurs and artists can showcase their products. Refugees and immigrants can share their stories. Arguably the best feature of the Internet is being able to relate to millions of strangers through memes.

A time when the world recently came together and showed empathy for a complete stranger was when a photograph of a Syrian boy covered in dust and dirt from the merciless bombing in Aleppo went viral. Before the Internet, the events in places like Aleppo may have gone unnoticed; however, now the world can stand up for human rights across oceans.

Though the Internet is censored in some countries, it has been the final catalyst that has helped launch hundreds of issues that needed to be put in the spotlight. LGBTQ+ rights received major support around the world with #loveislove. Other examples include #blacklivesmatter and #womansmarch.

The Internet, in the short time it has lived, has helped the global community tighten our bonds by putting us one click away from each other. Empathy for strangers has increased every day as people are fed information from all over the world.  So the next time someone says that the new generation has lost its communication skills, just remind them that the Internet has just brought us one step closer to the rest of the world.