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College Process-ing It All



College is the ominous destination that four years of high school leads up to. The idea of college has been in our minds since the first day of freshman year — and for some, even earlier.
However, it seems far away until second semester of junior year hits you like
a brick wall. Not only are juniors trying to balance AP classes, sports,
community service hours, college visits, and other extracurriculars; they also have ACTs, SATs, and subject tests to deal with. Still, there is a lot more in store for them over the course of their last year in high school. The college process has just begun for them.

And just when you didn’t think it could get any worse, first semester of senior year comes along with college essays and applications on top of a difficult class schedule.

“Honestly it was more daunting looking at it before I actually started the process. I really focused on what I was doing at the moment, and I didn’t look ahead to what I had to do,” senior Matt Kuo said.

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed with essays, personal statements, test scores, and narrowing down colleges, all the while trying to get enough sleep.

However, for those students who want their college application process done sooner, they can apply early decision or early action somewhere.
This option is for students who fall in love with a college and want to go there with all their heart.

“Make sure you play your early decision or early action cards well,”
Kuo said.

Others, like senior Max Henkel-Wallace, opt to take a gap year. While slightly unorthodox, Henkel-Wallace believes that it was the perfect choice for him.

“It’s definitely weird to do different things than other people, and some people have a hard time grasping the fact that I am doing something
different from them. But I’m really
excited,” Henkel-Wallace said.

During his gap year, Henkel-Wallace is going to be doing a rigorous internship at NASA, and filling his free time by reading and traveling.

“I want to do really interesting things, and I think this is the path to do really interesting things,” Henkel-Wallace said.

As the rest of us embark on the long and painful college admissions process, just keep in mind the joy and relief
of receiving that coveted acceptance
letter and having all your hard work
pay off.