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  Athletic director Matt Stimson recently hired two girls varsity softball coaches, Jake Gallegas and Jerry Lopez, for the upcoming season.

  According to Stimson, Lopez and Gallegas have been coaching together for a number of years in travel ball and in high schools. Last year, they coached a season at Menlo Atherton High School. They have even coached a few of the current varsity girls players in travel ball such as sophomore Karla Hernandez-Cid.

  Stimson said he received good recommendations and saw that they had great experience, which prompted him to choose them for the job.

“The kids really liked them and they were just good guys,” Stimson said.

  They were also respected by many of the players. Gallegas and Lopez were hired together around the middle of November 2018.

  However, there is one main problem. Many of the softball players are still participating in practices and games for their winter season sports. The softball players who are playing girls basketball or girls soccer have been playing those sports and have been unable to attend the softball practices. According to Stimson, he has not seen any of their practices because they have limited practices, and they only have three to four players attending them because of the extended winter sports season. In addition, they are sharing a field with various soccer teams and a batting cage with the boys varsity baseball team. The practices will grow more elaborate and planned out later when the team has more space and more players from winter season sports.

  He said “time will tell” when looking at the new coaching staff and team for the new season. He also said that the more experienced players coming in this year will induce better results in spring season.