Classy Trips



Golfland. Washington, D.C. Santa Cruz. San Francisco. The American River. These were the locations of this year’s class trips. Every grade went on a class trip in August, with the exception of the eighth grade, whose trip comes later.

Class trips are awesome because many of the students enjoy going on trips with their classmates. This year, just like always, each of the grades had different, but amazing experiences.

When the seventh grade dismounted the bus, they had many options to choose from. They went to Golfland, which has multiple attractions such as two different miniature golf courses, an arcade, and water slides.

“I really liked the waterslides, because they were really cool, and I liked hanging out with my friends there,” seventh grader Isabelle Eivers said.

The eighth graders did not go on a class trip, but their turn is coming soon. In early November, they will go to Washington, D.C. They will see the White House, the Capitol, the Smithsonian Museum, and more. It is an amazing bonding experience for the eighth graders, and many are looking forward to it.

Seventh and eighth grade teacher Phil Ribaudo, the main organizer of the trip, considers it an incredible opportunity to experience history.

“I love leading the trip and watching the eighth graders rise to the occasion and exceed my wildest expectations,” Ribaudo said.

The freshmen drove down to Santa Cruz for the freshmen retreat. When they arrived, they were split into small groups and played several games.

After lunch they faced the ropes course, which was challenging and scary for some, but most enjoyed it. Later that evening, there was a campfire where the ASB members taught the freshmen all the different Panther cheers and told them what high school at Pinewood is like. The next day, they went swimming and had an intense beach volleyball tournament.

“I only got to swim for a little bit of time, but that was especially fun,”Freshman Courtney Young.

For the sophomores, their adventure happened in San Francisco. They went on a scavenger hunt, scouring the city for the landmarks hinted at in their clues. They were divided into groups, and the members of the group that finished first each got a ten dollar Amazon gift card.

Afterwards, the sophomores had some free time to look at different shops and buy ice cream. It may seem like something simple, but most enjoyed it.

Like the freshmen, the juniors went to Santa Cruz. However, they had a totally different experience. They learned how to surf. With an understanding of the basics, they went out and rode the waves.

The juniors also visited the Mystery Spot, a “gravitational anomaly” in the redwood forests just outside of
Santa Cruz.

It is a circular area of 150 feet on what is considered as gravity hill, a place where the layout of the surrounding area creates an illusion. At the Mystery Spot, the illusion is created by the oddly tilted environment.

Many found that the surfing was exciting, the Mystery Spot was cool, and the trip was memorable.

The seniors had an exhilarating trip in Sacramento. They went river rafting on the American River, maneuvering through the fast-moving waters.

Towards the end, when they all reached a flat part of the river, they jumped out of the rafts and into the river. It was a really great trip for the seniors, especially since it’s their last year at Pinewood.

“My favorite part was when everyone jumped out into the water,” Senior Nikhil Pimpalkhare said.     

As usual, the class trips were a success. Each grade got to bond in a fun environment and try new things together. The students enjoyed their adventures.

“Class trips are one of the best ways to kick off the school year! I love watching the kids have fun and form new friendships together,” High school activities director Jackee Bruno, who organized the trips said.