Class Trip Adventures

By Samantha Hsiung


   Shortly after school started, all Pinewood Upper Campus high school students embarked on class trips. From chatting over the glowing campfire to surfing on the beach, the memories that they made with each other will never be forgotten.

   This year, the freshmen journeyed to Happy Valley Conference Center in Santa Cruz, where they played volleyball at the beach, climbed a ropes course, and bonded over s’mores and the campfire. 

   “My favorite part of the class trip was hanging out at the beach and playing volleyball because we all bonded and had a fun time,” freshman Mitali Vasudevan said. 

   The sophomores headed to an escape room and trampoline park in San Francisco. Seventh graders ventured to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, while juniors frolicked on the beach, learned how to surf, and went bowling.

   Traveling to Lotus, CA, the seniors went camping and whitewater rafting. Senior Miranda Wiener was excited for the trip, singing along to High School Musical the whole bus ride. 

   However, instead of the typical experience she had expected, she had an adventure like no other. Preparing to go whitewater rafting through the rapids, Wiener was instructed to place her leg beneath a cushion that would keep her from moving too much. Unfortunately, a few minutes into rafting, she braced her leg on a quick turn and dislocated her knee. While still going through the rapids, senior advisor Bill Bates held her down so she would stay in the raft. After finally arriving at an area with calmer water, a river guide popped Wiener’s knee back in, and a helicopter arrived at the river to take her to a hospital. 

   “I was terrified…I was also really scared because I was in excruciating pain, and I just wanted it to stop,” Wiener said.

   With surgery and time to rest, Wiener’s leg is set to heal soon, and she will be back to her normal activities.

   “I had so much fun! It is a great story to tell, so now my classmates can tell their grandkids,” Wiener said.

   She is grateful for the memorable experience that she will remember forever, she said. Even though Wiener came face to face with such a shocking experience, she still remained positive and enjoyed the trip.