Choirs Go Fa Fa Away


   Au revoir Pinewood, bonjour Paris! That’s right, the Pinewood Singers and Women’s Chorus choirs are both travelling to Paris over Spring Break, among other places. Bruges and Brussels, in Belgium, are also on the itinerary.

   “Some places the choirs will be performing include Notre Dame de Paris, American Cathedral, and some small churches in Bruges, not to mention all the impromptu street performances we will be doing,” choir director Spencer Williams said.

   Williams added that he chose to go to Paris because ever since he was a little boy, he has wanted to perform in Notre Dame, and now those dreams are finally coming true.

  Every other year, Spencer and
Shenelle Williams arrange for both the choirs to go on an international trip to sing in some well known and absolutely mind blowing locations. This year, the most important performance will be at Notre Dame.

   “I went on the Rome trip last year, and it was wonderful. It was very well organized, and I loved to see the choirs perform, especially at the Vatican. I love getting to know all the kids a bit better, and it’s enjoyable for me as well,” principal Mark Gardner said.

    One of the students who will be going on the Paris trip is sophomore David Ness. He hasn’t been on an international trip yet, but he did go to Disneyland with the choirs last year, and loved it.

   “Going on stage in Disneyland was a really cool experience, and I can’t wait to see how great the Paris trip will be,” Ness said. “I’m most looking forward to the chocolate shops in Bruges though, because I’ve heard how great Belgian chocolate is.”

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