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C’est La Belle Vie



   Did you wonder why Pinewood’s Upper Campus seemed so empty on  Friday, Nov. 7? It was because the sophomore, junior, and senior students taking French had an unique opportunity to travel to San Francisco and view a French movie that was never released in the United States. For the past seven or eight years, French teachers Michael Tetzlaff and Anna Daniel have scheduled the trip with the purpose of expanding the French students’ understanding of the culture and language.

   “It’s a good way to expose students, besides the classroom french and other activities we do in class, and expose them to something that they might not do on their own,” Tetzlaff said.

   The movie showed this year was “La Belle Vie,” which in English translates to The Good Life. Offered to these Pinewood students through the San Francisco Film Society, this showing was one of the only two places and times the movie was displayed in the United States.