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      Pinewood has a new wave of talent ready to dazzle the school in the upcoming eighth grade production of “The Lion King.” The showcase, directed by the new music teacher Carrie Davis, has two casts packed with gifted actors. The separate casts will be the chorus in each other’s production.

   Inherently, the roles in “The Lion King” are very balanced, and each of the actors get a significant amount of participation. Even those backstage are singing, so everyone is involved the whole time. Davis explains having two casts allows the different groups to support the other in the chorus, as well as the difficulties of having different boy to girl ratios in the group. The director and group are anxiously anticipating the upcoming performance.

   The actors are working tirelessly, having had two weekend rehearsals in a row. The play itself is very difficult with challenging choreography and music, but they are determined and enjoying the challenge.

   “It’s been pretty hard to work two casts as managing the double rehearsals for the casts has been very difficult,” said eighth grader Aaron Movshovich.

   Despite the stress, Movshovich, who plays Mufasa, has reflected that through all the work, the cast has been able to explore their talent and learned that they can truly rely on each other as they have grown closer in the process.

   “I have had a passion for theater ever since I was introduced to plays in kindergarten… I always feel a thrill when I’m onstage… I also think that acting has increased my empathy for others, because when you have to portray a completely different person, you get a taste of what is going through their mind and how they react,” eighth grader Nicole Pavlik said.   

   Throughout this experience, she has truly explored parts of the story and acting she hadn’t before, as well as understanding her character Scar’s motives. She believes that, although it is a challenge, the casts are very talented and will be able to pull it off.

   Everyone has really grown and blossomed. Each actor has their own talents, allowing for a very supportive environment. The actors are always helping each other out and building off of each other’s skills. They are very encouraging and bringing out the best in each other on stage.

   This thriving environment can also be attributed to the
talented director Davis. While this might be her first year at Pinewood, she has certainly proven that she knows what she is doing.

   “Ms. Davis is very specific, so everyone knows exactly when to do something and how to do it,” Pavlik said.

   Most importantly, she is always very supportive and she is determined to make this play as incredible as it can be. Davis mentioned that it can be difficult keeping track of which cast is which being such similar plays, but each adapted to the different numbers of people.

   “It was really cool to have art students to come on board as well as Ms. Maier and some of her art students. It’s been nice to have other departments to pitch in and get excited about what we are doing and support us,” Davis said.

   Through the the process of this play, all this amazing talent has been able to come together and thrive.