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Experimentation with styling has been a common way to express one’s individuality for quite a while, but at Brigham Young University  in Idaho, the man-bun hairstyle has been banned. Though this hairstyle may be viewed as “trendy,” or “in-style” by many, BYU holds quite the contrasting view. Even before the banning of the man-bun, BYU’s dress code has been strict, requiring all students to maintain a clean and well-cared for appearance. This dress code also requires men to have a completely clean-shaven face, and no extreme hairstyles are allowed as they must be neat.

    Man-buns now go against the honor code as BYU has deemed the hairstyle too extreme and messy for its campus. Anyone who now wears this banned hairstyle will face disciplinary action, as it deviates from the norm.

   Student responses from Pinewood varied, holding opposite points of view either supporting or against this new rule. Sophomore Becca Riches disagreed with this rule.

   “I think people should be able to have whatever hair they want,” Riches said.

   On the other side of the spectrum, senior Maddie Wheatley finds man-buns to actually be ugly. She acknowledges the strict dress code, and explains how it is enforced by
other students at the university.

Wheatley understands this dress code, showing her respect for the school wanting their students to look the best.

   “The man bun looks lazy to me,” Wheatley said.

   Wheatley understands the intentions behind this new rule, as she sees how they could be perceived as  sloppy,  but she does not necessarily agree with this rule fully due to the restrictions it puts on students. BYU most definitely attempts promotes a clean and well-cared for appearance, and unfortunately this eyes must come at the cost of the