Burnin’ Up the Dance Floor UUUp the Dance Floor


When you look back upon your junior high and high school experiences, what do you want to remember? For most, long nights of perusing dimly lit textbook pages does not make it on the list. Instead, many would more clearly remember goofing off with classmates and going to dances with friends for those six years of your education.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find times where all of the grade can come to a fun gathering to just have a good time. In order to fix it, schools around the country should have organized dances that act as a source of stress relief, good music, and fun with friends. These events help spice up our lives, and with only a few per year, it is important to attend every one of them to experience the fun to the fullest extent.

Even with the countless events that occur throughout the course of the school year, dances still prove to be a major highlight. Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months when we live in repetitive sequences of waking up, going to school, studying, and then sleeping. This destructive cycle eats up what little time students have to relax and builds a lot of stress, but that’s where dances come in. Dances can help wipe away the traces of exhaustion and stress. With a good dose of loud music, crazy dancing, and screechy singing, dances are just the perfect cure to the plague of fatigue.

Although there are many places people can go to listen to good music in a public setting, the most convenient, fun way is to attend dances. At dances, the DJ comes up with surprising challenges such as finding someone to piggy-back-ride while also spinning songs. To top this off, the dj also can take song requests so you can hear your favorite songs. With the students yelling the lyrics to every song at the top of their lungs and the teachers dancing among them, each dance is sure to be a memorable one.

Next, begging to hang out with friends unsupervised happens to be a familiar and frequent exchange between parents and teens. To resolve this issue for the night, dances exist to make the lives of both parties easier. They are a free pass to go have fun and bond with your grade without being carefully monitored
by parents.

In addition, since it is a school event, the responsibility of planning out the get-togethers will not be put upon any one student, and the only thing that anyone will be thinking about will be what to wear and just how fun it will be.

In the beginning of seventh grade, when I had never been to a dance before, I was a little bit skeptical on whether I should attend one. Not knowing exactly what dances were, I had decided to try one out, and I am glad I did.

Over time, I realized that dances are a way to grow closer as a grade, relieve stress, and most of all, have fun. After experiencing what a dance was, I found that when I would look back at my time in school, these were the nights I wanted
to remember.


   I have decided to be the assistant coach for the JV girls basketball team since I want to stay involved as much as I can, but I will definitely miss playing on the court. Hopefully, Pinewood overrules this rule in the near future so other passionate seniors won’t be barred from playing their favorite sport in their last year as a high school student.