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Breast Cancer Awareness

Since 1985, October, a month typically marked by the appearance of orange and black, has been decked pink in honor of breast cancer fighters and survivors, and to raise awareness of the disease. This trend has become much more mainstream in recent years, perhaps most visibly in athletics. For example, for their week four game against the Green Bay Packers, the San Francisco 49ers invited breast cancer survivors and their families to attend the game, where both the stadium and the players were decorated in the movement’s signature pink.

  Pinewood too celebrates National Breast Cancer Awareness Month through our athletics. Both the varsity football and volleyball teams have special games where they invite the Pinewood community to come raise awareness of the cause with them. Varsity football wore pink socks and arm sleeves with the breast cancer awareness logo in their game against Woodside Priory;

  “It’s an important reminder that there are more important things in life than football,” said junior Liam Smith, one of this year’s captains.

  “I think it’s good to support [the cause],” added sophomore Eric Burton.

  The girls’ varsity volleyball also supported raising awareness. This year, the team decorated t-shirts with pink tie-dye and wore them, along with pink hair ribbons, during their special “Dig Pink” game against BASIS Independent School. Many members of the team discussed feeling a personal connection to the event.

  “I’ve known many people who have battled with cancers of all kinds, so the day that we dressed up in pink was a day of remembrance for me. I lost my grandma to cancer, so I thought about her a lot before I got onto the court,” said junior Chloe Fiske.

  The event also held meaning for senior captain Shwetha Karthik.

  “I’ve worked with a lot of cancer patients and have really gotten to know them and what they’re going through, so cancer awareness in general is important to me,” said Karthik. “It means a lot that we were participating in breast cancer awareness month,”