Breaking Traditions: Pinewood Starts first boys volleyball team

By Ainsley Carpenter


What goes into the creation of a new team? According to assistant athletic director Kyle Riches, a bunch of committed kids and a whole lot of effort. For the last month, Pinewood has been buzzing with news of the potential formation of a boys volleyball team, coached by assistant athletic director Riches. It all started with the spring service trip to Thailand, and the movement gained members and momentum after the group returned.

  “There’s always been a slight interest, but it wasn’t really until we went to Thailand for spring break and played for a couple of days in a row . . . at that point, a lot of the guys expressed serious interest in starting a team,” Riches said. A few of the new members also described how the team gained their interest.

  “Volleyball has always seemed fun to me so I wanted to try it in an organized setting,” sophomore Eric Burton said.

  “It’s a new experience and sport I’ve never played before, but the idea of volleyball seemed entertaining and so I gave it a go and it ended up being really fun and enjoyable,” adds sophomore Sam Thanassi.

  “Efforts to create such a team have been present for many years,” Riches explained, “but the issue has always been that no teacher has been willing to see it through. This time, however,

will be different.”

  “I told them if they brought me a list of 15 people who would commit, I would do my part and make it happen,” Riches said.

  Currently, the group is not an official Pinewood team, and their practices consist solely of open gyms. However, the members, and their coach, have big dreams for the future.

  “My goal is for it to become a real team with scheduled practices next year,” said sophomore Sam Thanassi.

  With a growing roster and a determined Riches heading the pack, an official team is in

their sights.