Blood Drives Save Lives!


   On Oct.13, the Interact Club coordinated a blood drive with the help of Blood Centers of the Pacific. The Blood Centers of the Pacific brought their “blood-mobile” to the Pinewood parking lot and performed the blood drawings there.

   For this blood drive, 28 people signed up while seven were deferred. That left a total of 21 people who donated blood to the cause, with 18 whole blood donations and three double red donations. A double red donation is when two liters of blood are donated instead of one liter of blood.

   One of the donors, senior Anne Blotter, said that “the experience during the donation was great because it was fun to be in the bloodmobile with my friends.” Blotter was one of the few who had an adverse reaction after giving blood. This is when the body reacts poorly to blood loss.

   “I’m glad I donated … and I highly encourage others who are able to donate to do it as well,” said Blotter.

   Another donor, junior Hazel Skousen, also participated in the blood drive.

   “It made me feel like I was helping people in need. It’s not an opportunity you get everyday, so I’m very glad that I got the chance to do it,” says Skousen.

   In the United States, about 40,000 pints of blood are used every day; one in every seven people who are hospitalized need blood. Blood banks are vital to keeping a sufficient supply of blood for the nation.  Pinewood will continue to support the worthy cause in years to come.