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Best Weeknd Ever



My two friends and I walked through crowds of people, bubbling with excitement about the performance inside, and attempted to contain our eagerness. My friend had reserved a suite near the top of the arena that overlooked the crowd and stage below us, letting us see everything that was going on. Even though the arena was full of people, the suite acted like our own personal bubble, making me feel like it was just us and the music. Sitting in the front row, we were able to dance freely to the booming music that vibrated through my entire body.

The concert opened with a DJ who played various songs by well-known rappers and even songs by The Weeknd himself. Most people in the crowd, including us up high in the box, danced to the catchy beat while laughing and joking together. Finally, the openers, Nav and Gucci Mane, came out. Both were mellow and didn’t dance much on stage, but Nav had a soothing, relaxing voice that really surprised me; his voice was incredibly unique, and his songs had a good vibe to them. Gucci Mane was an intense rapper who seemed to scream his lyrics at the crowd, and while I like some of his songs, his performance was a bit odd and not very well done. Bright, flashing lights blinded me many times during his songs, which was not pleasant.

At last, the lights completely dimmed, and the stage lowered, forming a triangular shape that resembled the cover of The Weeknd’s most recent album as he appeared on the stage. He opened with one of his hits, “Starboy,” and the crowd roared in anticipation of the night ahead. He even paused a couple times to hear the audience scream out the lyrics. The Weeknd thrived off of the crowd’s energy, dancing and getting into the music himself.

His album, “Starboy,” which had a space theme, came out in 2016 and was fairly successful with most of the songs making it onto the top charts. He sang his most well known song, “Earned It” from the soundtrack of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” and other popular songs that he was featured in like “Crew Love” by Drake. He even sang singles from his 2015 album, “Beauty Behind the Madness,” such as “Acquainted” and “Can’t Feel My Face.” He cruised through each song, singing beautifully and sounding similar to his recorded songs.

Towards the end of the concert, The Weeknd ended with another hit called “The Hills;” I could hear the crowd singing along louder than The Weeknd himself. Personally, I have enjoyed The Weeknd’s music for a while, and I love the sound of his songs and the beauty of his voice. His concert was a memorable experience that my friends and I will never forget; he brought a great energy to the stadium along with the crowd, and I highly recommend going to one of his performances.