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Behind the Desk Q&A



Joan Eble and Michelle Isaac are just two of the amazing faculty members that do a lot for our school. They answered questions about their roles at Pinewood and their love for our school.

Q: How would you describe your job at Pinewood?

Eble: That’s a hard one! In the words of Mr. Gardner, I’m kind of like the concierge of a hotel. I have my hands in everything that goes on. Should a parent or student need anything they’ll come to me, just like a concierge in a hotel. It’s a little bit of everything.

Isaac: My main priority is the Director of Alumni Relations, so I work on creating programs and engagement opportunities for our alumni. I am also a member on the assembly committee, a coach  for junior high and high school softball, and the faculty advisor for the Interact club.

Q: What is your favorite part about your job?

Eble: Being around the students. I like the student body; it keeps me feeling young. I love to look out the window and see this beautiful scenery and look at the beautiful place that I work in and I just feel very lucky to be here.

Isaac: I love being able to coordinate the assemblies, and I’m really proud of how they have been so far this year.

Q: What is the best interaction that you have had with a student?

Eble: A student who needed to talk to somebody didn’t want to talk to anyone other than me. It made me feel good that that person trusted me enough to help them with the issues that they had.

Isaac: I really love getting to know students off campus and seeing them in a different light: not under the microscope of academics. I also love hearing people’s stories and their passions outside of school.

Q: What is the best interaction that you have had with a parent?

Eble: You know, there are so many parents that are very outgoing and kind who thank me for what I do. I’d have to say there are several of them who will come up and give me a hug and thank me for just being there.

Isaac: I think it’s really fun to work with parents on the Pinewood auction. I also love getting to know parents personally for assemblies and school involvement. Recently, I got to go out to dinner with a parent and talk to her about her book. Pinewood students can look forward to hearing her speak at an upcoming assembly.

Q: What is the hardest part of your job?

Eble: Trying to figure out the balance during the day. You know, I have my set of little jobs I do and the hardest part is when there’s a wrench thrown into the plans and I can’t get something done. I’d have to say the single hardest, or maybe most tedious part is assigning subs.

Isaac: I think the hardest part is having to wait for people to respond to me in order for me to do my job. It also makes me sad how not everyone loves this school, but I need to learn to not take it personal when alumni say they didn’t have a good experience at Pinewood.

Q: What is one thing that you would like the Pinewood community to know about your job?

Eble: I guess how much I love it, how much I like to come here every day. I also love my job because it’s something that I really need at this point in my life, to be somewhere where I’m so accepted and loved.

Isaac: I hope they know that I love Pinewood and its values. I also think it is so important to give back to the institutions and places that have shaped you as a person.