Base-ically a national issue



   Major League Baseball is vastly different from every other major sport in the United States. The designated hitter rule exemplifies this fact, as it alters the competition between teams in
different leagues.

   The designated hitter is a position in baseball that only applies to games being played in American League teams’ stadiums. The DH of a team is a player that does not play a position
on the field because he is a great hitter.
Generally, pitchers are very poor hitters,
so the DH takes the pitcher’s place
in the batting order.

   The problem with the DH rule is that it only applies to one league and certain stadiums, so in interleague games like the World Series, the National League team (the Giants) has a significant advantage. When the World Series begins with one team from the National League and one from the American League, the National League team should have the advantage because when on the road, they get to put in a player like
Michael Morse, who acted as the DH for
the Giants on the road, but when they are at home, a hitter like Billy Butler, the Royals’ DH, must come out of the lineup, and instead a pitcher has to bat.

   The DH has been around over 30 years, so as an important position in the MLB, the DH should not be taken out of the game. Instead,
the position should be incorporated
into both leagues. No matter what
stadium a fan goes to see a game at, the rules will be
the same in that stadium compared to
every other stadium in the country that
same night.