Balloons, Boots, and Blank Books



   Recently, professional adventurer Jim Wiltens enlightened the school on the secret of being successful in life: writing down your goals. Many people have a basic idea of their goals, but the ones who write them down and keep track of them have a major advantage in achieving great things.

   At the beginning of the talk, Wiltens asked students if they would “rather be the balloons that can go any of the places they [we] want because they are in control,” or another one drifting in every which directions simply going along with the winds, never quite sure where we are headed.

  According to Wiltens, the estimated amount of things a common person can keep track of off the top of their mind is seven. Wiltens argued that if a person can only remember seven things without writing them down how can anyone have and remember more than seven of their goals? Having these goal lists allows to accomplish more of their goals instead of the meager seven.

   Some students enjoyed the assembly.

  “I was inspired to set goals and learned if you set your goals high and work hard, you can achieve them,” senior Eri Yoshimoto said.

   Others didn’t find the assembly nearly as helpful.

   “I don’t think forcing people to take advice from a man with giant balloons is a good idea.” eighth grader Max Banning said. However, most people were able to look beyond the balloons and combat boots and take something away from the talk.

   “The important thing is to set goals, even if it is just one or two, and work until you achieve them.” history teacher Mary Kate Leos said.