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   As school gets closer to the end of the year, the Pinewood spring sports’ seasons are winding down. With that, both varsity softball and baseball are looking to finish their seasons off with memorable league presentations.

   The girls varsity softball team began their league season on April 15, against Castilleja School. The team prepared for playing in the higher WBAL league by playing games against competitive public schools in their preseason, which resulted in beating a Division I school. In this new league, the team will compete against more skilled teams like Kings Academy and Mercy Burlingame.

   Head coach Michele Isaac has been impressed with the team’s season so far. The team is learning how to play together by concentrating on technique and
improving fundamentals.

   “If we can minimize our errors and the pitchers can focus, we can have a really successful season,” Isaac said.

   Isaac believes every player on her team is key to the success of the team. When everyone is an invested player and takes accountability for their positions, the team thrives. Captain and sophomore Alia Rubaie is hoping the team will grow more as a team, which would eventually lead to more wins. She believes the team plays their best when they are aggressive and have the desire to win.

   “Every team we play is our greatest competition which makes us work hard every game. This mindset forces us to constantly be focused and step into game mode as soon as we get on the field,” Rubaie said.

   The boys baseball team is about half way done with their league season. The team is in a developmental year, with many new players entering the team. However, the young team has improved from the start of their preseason. Head coach Sam Stewart loves the leadership this team displays which he hopes will bring the team to a winning season.

   “In the second half of our season, we are looking to become more consistent in our performance. We need to maintain our focus for complete games and continue to improve at practice,” Stewart said.

   The team’s hardest competition has been in the games against Jefferson and Crystal Springs, and key players stepped up during those games to bring the
team to success.

   Senior Oscar Fick, sophomore Chris Burton, and freshmen Jackson Haun, Casey Bates, and Bo Fick have shown to be great players and leaders on the field. With a younger team, gaining experience is a key to success in the remainder of the season and the seasons to come.