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As seen in the Clubhouse

Despite the current stresses of college applications and acceptances, Pinewood’s seniors are eagerly awaiting their graduation –– well, at least some of them. This year, the senior class has some special cases; some seniors will not be graduating in the spring. Instead, they will be reentering kindergarten in the fall. 

 Among those failing to graduate is senior Nathaniel “Bambo” Georganiel, who was unable to fulfill his kindergarten credits due to his refusal to learn the alphabet. 

   “I don’t get why the alphabet is important,” Bambo said. “I personally prefer memorizing classical poetry.”

   Bambo enjoys reciting his favorite poem, “The Romance” by Shel Silverstein, anywhere from theater class to basketball games. 

 Bambo isn’t going alone; accompanying him are his lunch-time-wrestling friends, seniors Aaron “Mosh”  Movshovich and Cadmus “Katniss” Balkanski. 

   Mosh was planning to attend MIT to major in engineering before the administration told him he did not pass his kindergarten math class.

   “I never learned how to count to ten. I just want to build tanks,” Mosh said. “I’ve been reading about them in textbooks for fun.” 

   When he gets to kindergarten, he plans to learn his numbers really fast so he can have time to build some Lego tanks that go “vroom,” Mosh noted. 

   Katniss’s reason for kindergarten recycling is no different.

   “I couldn’t fulfill my PE credits all through elementary school. I just couldn’t breathe through my teeth until this year, so all I could do was kick a soccer ball off to the side,” Katniss said.

   Katniss is looking forward to Lego time as well, but not for tank building.

   “I really like Minecraft, and Legos are like real-life Minecraft,” Katniss said. 

   Balkanski plans to build a house for his first lego project to match his block palace.

   “I’m glad Mosh and Katniss can come with me. We really like having playdates, so kindergarten together is going to be like playdates everyday,” Bambo said.

   Together, they enjoy wrestling, playing Minecraft, and racing their tricycles around the Pinewood parking lot.

   However, everything has its ups and downs, and kindergarten is no different. Bambo has his own concern for going back to Lower Campus. 

   “I like the uniforms, but I’m worried about the polos. I hope they button down far enough to get my ears through,” Bambo said. 

   Bambo has struggled with his ears in the past, but his poetry helps him cope. 

   “The main characters from my favorite poem have helped me through. I especially relate to the elephant, and if I like those characters, I can like my ears, too,” Bambo said. 

   These three seniors have literally left their mark on Pinewood. Tire marks from tricycle races can still be seen in the parking lot. The three friends plan to keep riding their tricycles to school when attending kindergarten but have been warned by the administration that no more racing will be tolerated. 

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