Back to School: Time to Organize

Illustration courtesy of Katherine Chui





  When it comes to school, being organized is one of the most important things one can do as a student. Knowing where important papers are and relying less on Veracross can help keep grades up as the year goes on.

  Most students start off the school year strong by turning in homework on time, but months into school, more and more students fall behind as more assignments and tests pop up. Around the beginning of each school year, I tend to promise myself that this semester I will be organized. But then a month later, I find myself unable to keep track of where I put my pencil.

  One of the most important organizational tips that I have is to keep a planner. When a teacher talks about an upcoming test or big project due, be sure to mark it in a calendar.

  This year, I have started using a planner, and now it is so much easier for me to schedule meetings with my teachers. The act of writing things down in a planner also increases the probability of remembering an important event or test coming up. For example, if I wrote in my planner that I have a test a week in advance, I would be constantly reminded to study because I look in my planner every day to see upcoming assignments.

  Another organizational tip is to write a checklist of the things you have to do each day. In the morning or beginning of the week, I take a blank sheet of paper and write down everything I have to do that day. This is beneficial as I end up procrastinating less, because I know what I have to get done in a limited time.

  Getting a planner and writing a check list for each day will encourage every student to be on task and be more organized for the next couple months of school.