Back to School Staples Frenzy



      Notebooks flying, folders strewn across the floor, and a scrambling to get the last set of sharpie highlighters is only part of the chaos at back to school shopping at Staples. While they advertise low cost supplies, such as 50-cent notebooks and 30- cent pencils, they certainly forget to mention the sheer havoc their store will take on your mind and your bank account (a 50-cent notebook will break in less than a month leaving you to buy the expensive one you should have got in the first place).

   Just at the thought of it, I get a headache. And although my sister and I leave every year with the same pulsing migraine, we always manage to find ourselves, reluctantly, at Staples the following year.    

   Perhaps we dream that some miracle has swept Staples into a well-organized haven of beautifully organized aisles of multicolored pens and pencils, or else we are too lazy to change our ways. It could possibly have to do with its convenient location. Either way, this year I’ve had enough. I should not have to scour the store up and down to find a simple college-ruled notebook, nor should I have to endure the 20-minute checkout line after such a strenuous struggle. It’s as if we are being punished for wanting to be well prepared for school. Don’t promise me a luxurious, gooey Ghirardelli chocolate and give me a waxy, fake Hershey’s
bar instead.

   Not only that, but, this year, when I thought I was buying a planner (being the well organized student that I am) I only realized when I got home that I had, mistakenly, bought one for the 2016 year. Why would they even sell a planner for 2016 when we are in 2015? Beats me.

   Every year when I fall for their seemingly good deals and decievingly low prices, I’m always disappointed in myself. I get home and 10 minutes later my new pen will explode or a brand new notebook will mysteriously rip. Thank you for the  unneccessary ink stains. .

   Take my advice, and avoid Staples at all costs. Their slogan, that was easy, is nothing short of a complete lie. Next year, I plan to go anywhere else but Staples.