Athletes of the Month

By Nicole Maneatis


Freshman Sophia Rosen is playing her first year school tennis team and enjoys the many competitive and cooperative aspects of the game. Rosen’s favorite element of tennis is the strategy and intensity of the one on one action. 

   “I enjoy the strategic element of tennis. I like playing matches and the suspense of every point,” Rosen said. 

    Volleying while playing singles is her favorite form of tennis, which is likely to have the most strategy involved from the required fast thinking. Even though tennis is not a true team sport, behind every match there is a whole team supporting you, which makes the whole experience of being on a

team justified.

   “Even though we lost [our first game] there was still a lot of good energy and good playing,” Rosen said. 

   Rosen enjoys the team aspects of playing tennis as well as the competitive thrills.

   “Being a part of a group of people who are all trying to get better at their sport, win and grow really helps the learning but it also makes it a lot more fun.”

   Sophomore Emily Takara is in her second year on the high school cross-country team. She had an exceptional season last year, being the only female on the Pinewood team  to make it to the CCS finals. She continues to be fast and tries her best in both practices and hopefully in future meets as she did last year.      

     Junior Aaron Cho is in his third year on the high school football team. This year he is playing nose tackle on defense and fullback on offense. He has experience with the sport, as he played flag football in junior high. A mere three weeks into the season, Cho has already performed five solo tackles, 14 assisted tackles, four sacks, and three quarterback hurries.